1. Why isn’t the embedded player working?
    Please check that you are not using an adblocker such as AdBlock Plus, as this may be interfering with the layout.
  2. Is the embedded player responsive/mobile-friendly?
    Yes! There is no need to change anything, it is automatically like this.
  3. Is there a way to use the older “v2” version of the YouTube player?
    Unfortunately not, YouTube decided to deprecate it and it can no longer be used.
  4. Can I use the HTML5 player instead of the default one?
    I am working on adding support for this 🙂
  5. Can I download YouTube videos from here?
    No. But there are some websites that let you do this, I recommend DLYou.Tube as it’s free (to an extent) and does not contain nasty ads or trojans.
  6. I have another question or comment!
    Please contact a member of the team here!

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